Patricia Bustos Studio was founded with a very clear calling to create unique, innovative things, to always add value and with creativity and beauty as its maxims where design is concerned.

“It is through this search for beauty that we can not only shape our homes but also improve the human experience by putting us in a good mood”

The studio engages in interior design projects for private homes, hotels, restaurants, offices and shops. It publishes its projects in the most prestigious interior design magazines and garnered the CasaDecor 2018 awards for the “Best Space” and for the “Most Photographed Space”.

The studio’s aesthetic propositions are always thrilling, bright and cutting edge; inspired by the past but also forward looking.

The Milanese avant-garde, mid-century modern, the crazy 60s and Sottsass’ Memphis style are just some of the aesthetic benchmarks alluded to in its projects.

A colouristic hallmark and an unmistakeable, sophisticated, fresh, feminine feel are this firm’s calling card.

Patricia Bustos


Enterprising, passionate and creative, Patricia has had a calling for design as long as she can remember. She combines an analytical, business profile with creative skills in fashion design, art and décor.

A dedicated painter and furniture craftswoman, she regards herself as an artist as well as an interior designer.

With a B.A. in business studies from CUNEF University and a Master’s degree in fashion design from Saint Martin’s School of Art, Patricia has developed her aesthetic and creative sensitivity through the different projects she has worked on.
A beauty devotee, she believes that our environment has a direct impact on our mood and beautiful surroundings help to make us happy.
She embarks on all of her projects from a new perspective, allowing her to innovate and to turn each space into something unique and personal. Her aesthetic references, which are drawn from her past in fashion (she worked for Inditex), enable her to create using abstract concepts as her basis.

It is her uniqueness that her clients seek for their homes in conjunction with her studio designs that range from shelves to taps and everything and anything in between.
Her interior designs echo an idea that is going round and round in her mind at the time, “Each project helps me to better understand not only the world but also myself”, she admits.

She loves creating, imagining and dreaming up unusual, novel things and this is her obsession: innovation and beauty are the two keystones of her space design.



Concept, structure and habitability are at the heart of her designs, but it is the process that drives the inescapable shaping of these three core premises.
Her processes are drawn from inspiration and meticulous execution. Crisp, pure lines, balanced materials and a fresh perspective define a track record with a sound basis in minimalism and Bauhaus design principles. Taking advantage of natural light is one of her design maxims as is creating a habitable and, above all, very beautiful space.

A colour: Terracotta.
A house: Neuendorf, by John Pawson
An icon: Daria Zinotvanaya and Dimorestudio.


She describes herself as being passionate about her work. Her slogan is Steve Job’s “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.
The tenets of her design work are creating warm, welcoming ambiences where people feel at ease, based on pastel and neutral hues, and adding colour and design to objects. In addition to her penchant for creating elegantly exaggerated designs, she needs things to happen in her spaces, the outcome can never be flat; something has to happen to attract people’s attention.

A colour: Hague blue by Farrow & Ball
A house: The Johnson Wax headquarters by Frank Lloyd Wright
An icon: Koichi Takada, Kelly Wearstler and India Mahdavi.


Naturally creative, her approach to design stems from a process that has been shaped gradually through reflections and thoughts from different spheres.
She has always been drawn, often intuitively, to architecture and to all creative schools. Her strength lies in illustrating boundless stories and transforming them into moments for reminiscence. Dreaming, imagining and creating are what drive her in the studio. She loves thinking “out of the box”, inventing, growing, running risks, making mistakes and… having fun loving what she does every day.

A colour: Everything iridescent.
A house: Maison Bernard, by Antti Lovag.
An icon: as a designer, Gio Ponti, and as an architect, Ricardo Bofill.

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