Patricia Bustos Studio was conceived with the very clear vocation of creating unique and unrepeatable universes. Its purpose is to reach the maximum expression of beauty through creativity and a meticulous design process that breaks with conventional approaches in order to develop new perspectives and their own language.

PBS´s interiors navigate halfway the physical and the digital, between reality and utopia. This is the key that enables their creations to bring us to other worlds.

They pursue aesthetic emotion through an exquisite use of colour, a bold mix of organic and geometric forms and the contrast of reflective or translucent elements with handmade and raw materials.

They embrace handmade work and continuous exploration, looking for disruptive solutions that challenge the boundaries and inspire wonder.

Experimental, oniric, sensual and innovative projects that merge traditional and avant-garde styles with unusual and extreme forms that show us a stunning perspective of the world.

An interdisciplinary team develops “sensitive architecture” aligned to the environment and its context, focusing on every detail to design homes, hotels, restaurants or shops with a soul, where the sublime and the beauty naturally merge with functionality and technology.

Patricia Bustos

Patricia Bustos


Patricia Bustos is a designer born in Madrid Spain, internationally known for her work
designing spaces and furniture pieces. Her studio carries out residential and commercial
projects that goes beyond the ordinary.
The pleasure of contemplation is an essential part of the human condition, so her
personal goal is to honour beauty, always promoting Spanish craftsmanship and
focusing on how its use can help us to contribute to social impact.
Her muses include nature, art and architecture, as well as she finds inspiration in
fashion and the classics arts to blend tradition and the avant-garde.
Bustos, a recognised AD100 list member over the past few years, has won numerous
national and international awards in recognition of her creative talent and her
support of craftsmanship.
Her interest in philosophy and humanities allows her work to become deeply inspiring
and her bond with people becomes the most important part of her project.
” Beauty inspires, it’s evocative and provocative at the same time, beauty reveals us a
meaningful story… it places us at the most interesting starting point to experience life”.

PBS Team


Elena Díaz Merlo

Interior designer

Passionate interior designer who embodies the essence of
Steve Jobs’ philosophy: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
Motivated to turn spaces into true refuges for people, she seeks to merge both
warmth and originality. Her aim is to create welcoming environments, impregnated
with positive and creative energy that attract inspiration. Her work begins with an
elegant foundation but avoids overdone designs, where every corner can tell a story.
Always running away from monotony and making an impression on all the people
who experience it.


María Teresa García

Interior designer

Creative by nature, her approach to design has been a process shaped through reflections and thoughts from different disciplines.
Architecture has always been a point of attraction for her, as well as all other creative areas. Her best skill is to illustrate stories without limits and transform them into moments to remember. Dreaming, imagining and creating is her main motivation in the studio. She loves to break the rules, invent, grow, take risks, make mistakes and… having fun while loving what she does day by day.


Iris Monira Álvarez


The sense of fascination at discovering the unknown has always been one of her favourite moments and a lighthouse of inspiration at the same time.
The revelation that the aesthetic is not limited to visual admiration, but also an experience to be lived and enjoyed in every moment, is what drove her to the world of architecture and afterwards into interior design.
Her passion comes from being able, to narrate a story through her work, from the large scale of the spaces to the most specific detail of composition, to convert sensations, aspirations and emotions into real physical spaces where people can enjoy the moments that compose their lives and give shape to the memories that will remain.