The interior of this Spanish firm store is pure craftsmanship. The combination of hard elements such as natural stones, concrete blocks and terracotta; and soft elements such as curtains and natural rattan reflects the delicacy of artisan work, eliminating all time boundaries


Under the slogan “Variety is the spice of life” Patricia Bustos Studio launches her first collection of wallpaper from Tres Tintas.

About to start 2020, our lives are dizzying and confusing, light and frivolous and full of challenges. The only sure answer will be DIVERSITY and authenticity.

We are not sure of anything but we believe in what we see, guided by intuition. We push the limits with the only certainty that something else is possible. New sites await us and a better version of ourselves exists. We live with our feet on the ground, but we try to touch the stars.

Pink rhythm

A dance of pieces designed by Patricia Bustos Studio in collaboration with the firm @tarkett_es. Pieces that work independently, but collectively acquire a greater dimension. A dance of materials and forms to suggest the different applications, both straight and curved, of the versatile and sustainable material with which they have given us the opportunity to work. The pink color range transports us to a relaxing and harmonious world but without renouncing a strong personality thanks to the power of the shapes that remind us of a monochrome puzzle of constructivist aesthetics.

Pink Rhythm transports us to a world of beauty, daydreaming and fantasy. The two types of material from the Megalit and Eclipse ranges contrast very well between them, producing an optical fusion effect that helps us create a greater illusion of space. A surreal and minimal space that combines forms and textures with the polychrome that provides the holographic effect of the material.

Mercado Lonja del Barranco

The Lonja del Barranco market is located in the city of Seville and is proud to have been coined one of the coolest retro markets in Spain. Marble tables, magnificent sculptural lamps and a combination of brass, iron and wood make this a luxurious space for “seeing...

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