The floor has 200 m2. It is a late 19th century building located in the Barrio Salamanca next to the Retiro. The house is typical of the area with classic high windows and three meter ceilings and moldings. The reform has basically consisted of opening the kitchen to the living room and connecting it through a stained glass window. The owners are a couple who are dedicated to the world of fashion and had a clear idea of a palatial and classic flat but with a sober decoration between Belgian and French with lots of art and author pieces. They had the whim of making a cathedral-type stained glass window to divide the living room and kitchen, but as we developed ideas we wanted to turn it around and think of something more Milany in design even though it kept the church aesthetic.

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Under the slogan “Variety is the spice of life” Patricia Bustos Studio launches her first collection of wallpaper from Tres Tintas.

About to start 2020, our lives are dizzying and confusing, light and frivolous and full of challenges. The only sure answer will be DIVERSITY and authenticity.

We are not sure of anything but we believe in what we see, guided by intuition. We push the limits with the only certainty that something else is possible. New sites await us and a better version of ourselves exists. We live with our feet on the ground, but we try to touch the stars.


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