Patricia Bustos

Today is the very beginning of my new Project to share with you a Little more about the things that move me , the ones which inspires me, those make me feel passion and all the things that i want to think about it. I think the best purpose you can have is to “falling love with your life”, because it means you are trying surround yourself with good things, shine good energy and be the best you can be, better person, better designer.

I like to share with you all my recent discovers, Routes of the citys that I just visit and I know well, some tips people tell me and I personally tried it and the trends and new garments that I joined to my wardrobe.
I have to confess unless interior design is one of my passions indeed I wanted to be fashion designer and I finally ended up being decorator by chance. So I would like to seize this place also to express my fashion point of view.

Last total INN wallpapers or twenty century icons that everyone should know about, a little antiques shop that I just met or how to mix the colours to have a stunning effect are some of the issues that you could find out when you came visit me. I would appreciate you leave your comments and ideas to share.

Picture of my home

Another interests are Contemporary art and Photos, I´m not an expert but I would like to share my favourites and know a little bit more about them.

“Spectrum” ©Richard Phillips

Don´t guess everything is good, I have a bad side too…Hahaha… I am very fighting and demanding, so I would make some reflections about empowerment and leadership of women in 21st century . One world leader by men is not the best of both worlds. Men and women should colaborate at the same level so we could achive more human, fair and happy world.

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